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What does your love of horses look like?

  • Equine Assisted Activities
  • Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Training
  • Instructor
  • Exhibitor
  • Showing
  • Pleasure Riding



Deepen that love with professional stress and pain relief options

geared towards horse people and their horses.



Stress, discomfort, preoccupation, lack of proper equipment and training  ... all negatively impact our interactions with horses.

  • Prevent pain and get help releasing stress in your body with 1:1 services.
  • Safety in the barn, exercises in practical equestrian mindfulness, increase partnership with your horse in Full Stride.
  • Improve horse performance and decrease negative horse behaviors through Saddle Fit Simplified, click below to sign up for a free eBook.



Rebecca Cook 

TRUST: 25 years professional experience with horses

AWARENESS: Centered Riding Instructor and Wellness Coach

PROFESSIONALISM: Certified and Licensed therapist




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